Travel Diary: Mountains, Piedmont and Walks

Travel Diary: Mountains, Piedmont and Walks

In montagna in Piemonte

Fresh from the frenzy of parties characteristic of big cities like Turin, I decided to take a break for a few days and totally change the landscape.

Nature. Mountain. Piedmont.

Having recovered my car, bags and companion, I ran away into the mountains of Piedmont, one of those classic “behind the house” places that are ignored because they are too close to my hometown.

To continue that series of small revolutions that I am carrying out with myself, I did not want to carry unnecessary trolleys and suitcases. Following the philosophy I talk about in this guide, I equipped myself with a medium-small bag (the one I use to go to the gym), an almost pocket-sized beauty case, and I tried to travel lighter. It was a huge challenge, but I did it.

As we got closer to our destination, the car’s thermometer kept dropping. Although the cold increased, I continued to smile waiting for the close adventure to come.

Camping in the mountains: piedmont and nature

For this little getaway I chose something different: a lovely campsite in Beaulard. To be precise, a minimal and welcoming Pod made of wood. A small “veranda” heralds the small door through which you enter: two beds, a bedside table, the stove and a plate to heat the food. No water, no bathroom except a few tens of meters away, in the center of the campsite. An experience that I recommend to anyone who loves simplicity and nature.

And to anyone who knows how to adapt!

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The trails around the campsite lead to the surrounding villages, Oulx and Bardonecchia, and into the most unspoiled nature. The river with its incessant path accompanies the path, stopping from time to time in some frozen and luminous mirror.

So we took a whole day to have a picnic in the countryside, relax and enjoy this wonderful view.

In the evening, when darkness falls, a look at the starry sky is a must.

So we went to explore the almost deserted country. From time to time you could see a lighted window that served as a side dish for gestures of affection and smiles. If you are lucky, you can also make very unique encounters with the local fauna: probably that evening some wild animals went to browse our garbage, which we found broken down and partly destroyed.

Travel Diary: Mountains, Piedmont and Walks

Mountains, Piedmont and cold: unexpected events and surprises

The last day had some unexpected events in store for us, including the car that did not start (the reason is still unknown) and the risk of arriving late in Sestriere, where we had an appointment for a unique but very ambiguous experience for me. The sleddog.

Fortunately, all the people we contacted and met were very kind, from the lady who ran the campsite to the passer-by we asked for help.

We managed to retrieve a mechanic, even though it was the weekend, we ran after and caught a train, which didn’t help us (but we didn’t know it), after a thousand calls we found a taxi with a fair price, and so we somehow managed to get there on time and with the car in place and running.

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Ethical parenthesis.

The ethics of this tourist activity still leaves me perplexed if I have to be honest. What worries me most is whether the well-being of dogs is really protected and considered: what kind of life they lead, even when they finish “their work” and how they are treated.

It is difficult to have complete and transparent answers, which is why I probably would not recommend it as an ethical and sustainable activity (in our case it was a gift received).

This little holiday, despite being demanding and always on the move, has given us back energy, rest and well-being. And although I deeply love the sun and the sea, from time to time following different routes gives us unique and often new emotions. And that’s what I love every trip.


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Travel Diary: Mountains, Piedmont and Walks

Writing is what connects me to people, love for nature is the filter with which I live and immortalize my experiences; there is never a lack of desire to learn, observe and smile at the world and share my experiences with those who have the same passions.

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