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I chose the unknown to pursue my freedom.
I love nature, because it is a daily source of wonder and teachings.
is what warms my soul and makes me happy. I am always looking for intense and authentic experiences: this is why I choose to travel sustainably and responsibly. I studied Biology, got a master’s degree in Ethology, and today I write about travel, ethics in tourism and emotions. Have a nice trip!

Firma Chiara

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Traveling awakens empathy.

Empathy plays with curiosity. Curiosity brings knowledge. Knowledge creates respect and respect brings harmony.

My spiritual path is tangled and complicated. I went through dark and purposeless moments, in which my mind was confused. Then, I figured out something important: let it flow, trust the process and set smart goals. Cultivate gratitude every day. Do not lose your smile, and above all, your enthusiasm. Because without a starting point you cannot reach the finish line.



Hi! I'm Chiara

I’m an ethologist and a dreamer. I love discovering new things and I have chosen to travel responsibly, explore and look for authentic experiences, collecting them here in my blog.

"Don't wait to be happy to smile. But smile to be happy"


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