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The Best Hikes In Mauritius to Dive Deep Into Mauritius

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There are many ways you can travel, but walking is my favorite.

Hikes in Mauritius are something you cannot miss: amazing nature, cultural architectures and unique landscapes. The best way to enjoy all this is by foot, slowing down and taking your time to dive deep in this stunning island.

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Walking changes your life

I created some of my most exciting memories when i decided to slow down and walk, often without knowing where to go.

The island is the perfect destination: nature, landscapes and a tropical atmosphere. The flourishing vegetation is combined with the cultural background; alleys that flow into Arabian architecture, glimpses of the sea that frame the Buddhist divinities and beaches as white as pearls.

Getting around by car is convenient, taking the bus gives you some more thrills but choosing to walk allows you not to miss any detail and experience the magic of Mauritius all-round.

Probably you won’t find these hikes in Mauritius anywhere, as long as I didn’t plan any of them. We decided to visit new places, go on an adventure and we found ourselves walking for hours without a destination, but more important without any regret.

The north hike: Mauritius between culture and landscapes

The Best Hikes In Mauritius to Dive Deep Into Mauritius

It starts from Pereybere, a little town that boasts a very suggestive panoramic point a few meters from the town center.

Its name is Pointe d’Azur, in the far north of the island. A patch of more or less barren land, mixed with white sand on which there are some scattered villas and dotted with moored boats.

The maps are not very specific because they indicate an inaccessible place, but it doesn’t matter. From that point the view is beautiful.

Following an inviting scent of freshly baked bread, you walk past some quiet houses and get to a small market (very far from the expectations I had) which sells delicious and crunchy baguettes; then you can keep moving along the coast to the south, and reach a small beach with tropical colors.

Once we stocked up on food, we set out on the beach to enjoy a delicious lunch. In that moment, a group of local inhabitants started playing and singing cheerful and overwhelming songs. Pleasantly surprised and amused, we held back a few moments before leaving to the unknown “

The inhabitants of the island have the fun habit of meeting on weekends or after meals on the beach and sharing good music, playing, singing or dancing.

Doing a bit of zig-zag between the coast and the hinterland, you pass from super touristy places full of shops, to streets dotted with mosques, such as the beautiful Ronaq-UI-Islam Sunnee mosque, and Hindu temples perched on the sea.

One of the most fascinating things about Mauritius is, without any doubts, the cultural and architectural richness and variety, which represents the historical and religious baggage it brings with it.

The itinerary continues past Grand Baie and Pointe Aux Cannoniers, and arriving at Mon Choisy, site of another beautiful beach.

At this point you can choose whether to continue or advance, as we did, between houses and resorts in search of a bus stop to return home, bearing in mind that buses generally stop their journey before dinner.

The Best Hikes In Mauritius to Dive Deep Into Mauritius

Nature hikes in Mauritius: a road between sand, sea and forest

There are generally two kinds of hikes in Mauritius: there are those suggested by travel guides and then there are those that can only be experienced by the locals.

It was morning when we stopped to talk to a local, a very helpful lady. We thus discovered a stunning hike in the midst of nature “

From Flic en Flac Beach it is possible to reach Tamarin Bay, in the south of the island, with a few hours of pleasant walk, through a path entirely surrounded by nature and absolutely perfect for those who love nature and walking on the beach.

On one side the blue of the sea, framed by the white beach.

On the other hand, luxury resorts and umbrellas which reminded me the Polynesian style.

At a certain point some rocks appear and you need  to enter a silent and secluded grove, full of interesting plants and animals, such as big lizards.

This splendid walk is entirely in the sun, except for the stretch in the shade of the forest that runs along the coast.

Once you have crossed the wood, you will finally reach the river mouth beyond which is the beautiful and huge beach of Tamarin, a renowned destination for surf lovers and dolphins.

The sea here is wilder, and the sand hides lots of small white crabs that peep out from time to time.

A spot that is certainly worth all the way to get there.

Black River Gorges National Park

If the two previous hikes in Mauritius are completely authentic, this one is certainly better known and famous.

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The park is an impressive green expanse, dominated by wonderful biodiversity typical of the island. A paradise for those who love nature and outdoors.

There are many different routes, some marked panoramic points, as many to discover and you can choose to explore by jeep or by foot.

Time and effort of the routes are certainly worth it.

Here the slow travel philosophy is a basic premise to be able to spot the hidden wonders among leaves and branches: blue lizards, rare plants, monkeys and brightly colored birds.

fauna mauritius

“While I was walking I heard a strange chirping, just later on I was able to spot it: a small bird with a funny upturned crest. I’ve soon found out that its name is Red-Whiskered Bulbul, and it is a widespread alien species on the island. “

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Writing is what connects me to people, love for nature is the filter with which I live and capture my experiences; I long for learning new things, observing and smiling to the world, sharing my experiences with those who have the same passions.

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