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Adventurous Beach Getaways: 5 Hidden Beaches in Croatia

Una spiaggia nascosta in Croazia: mare cristallino e spiaggia bianca rocciosa

Croatia is a stunning country that juggles between a crystalline blue sea and a lush and lively nature.

It is a wild land and for this reason, a perfect place to go and look for hidden beaches and unknown gems.

My road trip through the streets of Croatia and its hidden beaches started from the southernmost tip of Istria, in particular from Pula, it was articulated along the coast towards east, to the port and in the wild island of Cres.

When you have limited time, limited budget and a great desire to leave for an exciting experience, you have only one choice: focus on a few locations and experience them to the full.

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Galboka Beach, Verin Bay

A place of wonder and peace. The hidden beaches in Croatia will surely leave you with unforgettable memories.

If you love the sea, nature and a little privacy, you can’t miss it.

It takes about an hour from the main road on the island of Cres.

To venture out in search of this remote beach, I recommend:

  • to keep the maps at hand (I used Google), maybe download them to have them even offline, and common sense: there are no signs and the internet line takes at times.

Once you have exited the central road of the island, continue to a crossroads, with a small rocky climb on the left. From there, after passing a gate marked as “Keep closed”, you can also continue on foot.

  • have a pair of closed shoes. The road is unpaved but can be easily traveled in slippers (as I did) but if you prefer to play it safe, wear some sneakers.

The walk lasts almost an hour at a slow pace between sheep and nature. It is also possible to get to the beach by car but the road is very bumpy and the magic of the place would suffer.

La spiaggia nascosta croata nella baia di Verin
  • to leave early. If you manage to arrive early in the morning, when nature is quiet and there are certainly no other visitors, you can enjoy a unique experience.


  • to bring you mask and fins or shoes. The beach offers all possible diversity: rocks, sand or pebbles. The seabed is made up of medium-sized stones, often inhabited by hedgehogs and other organisms to watch out for.
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Plaza Kruscica

One of thewildest hidden beaches in Croatia.

When I visited it was completely deserted and beautiful. A massive multicolored area with a picturesque swing tied to a tree.

From the main road you can pull over and park in a dirt clearing. From here you have to proceed along a small road that plunges into the vegetation on foot.

It takes (again) about an hour on foot. An hour of breathtaking views and silence.

The forest that you cross to get to the beach is magical, peaceful and hypnotic. From time to time you may come across some sheep and some dung beetles and various insects. Despite the quiet, nature is hardworking.

When you least expect it, the vegetation opens up and you find yourself in front of a stunning beach.

Spiaggia nascosta nella vegetazione, con il mare cristallino verde acqua, il prato attorno ed una spiaggia dorata n cui si mescolano sabbia e sassi

Kamenjak nature reserve

This park is perfect for feeling on the edge of the world as it is the southernmost part of Istria.

There are countless options in the nature reserve. Rocky beaches with more or less impressive boulders, rocks, woods and vegetation, or a comfortable and warm strip of sand.

To get to the park there are many signs along the road and in the neighboring villages. But once inside, the paths are unpaved and you can continue by car, by bike, or on foot.

The most popular coves tend to be too crowded, the sandy beach unapproachable in high season, especially around lunchtime.

However, if you go beyond the most popular spots, the park is really full of quiet and beautiful gorges and beaches.

Lubenice and the Blue Cave

I thought I couldn’t make it, and I found myself in a dream location, one of the most beautiful hidden beaches in Croatia, in my opinion.

un panorama splendido su una spiaggia nascosta in croazia, con una discesa verdeggiante molto ripida e un mare blu intenso

The beach is super white and rocky. The forest that borders it offers some shelter from the hot midday sun. The water is of a glacial blue, so transparent that the sun’s rays illuminate the seabed in a kaleidoscope of colors that culminates in the Blue Cave. A ravine carved into the rock where darkness and light tease each other, and house of fish and organisms seeking rest from daily chores.

No services or amenities.

The signs along the way are clear and numerous: Lubenice is a place known for boat trips. By choosing a do-it-yourself visit, it certainly reserves many more emotions.

Once in the village, you can leave your car and continue down the hill. Here too, with an hour of dizzying descent you arrive at your destination. Calculate a few more minutes on the way back, because everything is strictly uphill.

The hike is really challenging. With closed shoes, lots of water and something to nibble on during the day, it will be a story to tell.

One of the places that most exudes the essence of travel: get excited and live every moment to the full.


Disclaimer: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I may earn a small commission. This commission has no additional cost to you.


Writing is what connects me to people, love for nature is the filter with which I live and capture my experiences; I long for learning new things, observing and smiling to the world, sharing my experiences with those who have the same passions.

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